Samsung — Lighting for an electronics store

Описание проекта

Lighting of Samsung’s flagship store

In a world crowded with colorful spots of advertising, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about the main goal. But not in Samsung’s flagship store on Kreschatik.
The complex design of the room was a challenge for Vision Lighting®, which we gladly accepted.
Executed in black and gray color, the interior of the store removed unnecessary disturbances and created a feeling of silence. At the same time, it absorbed the sun’s rays and didn’t seem too dark.
Our main task was to stick to the brand’s global concept. Involve visitors in an interactive experience with Samsung products.

Implementing a lighting scenario for an electronics store

To create bright lighting and a comfortable atmosphere in the shop, we used a PLATOS recessed luminaire around the entire perimeter of the store. It’s ideal for flood lighting — it doesn’t flicker or glare.

The next point, and an important challenge for tech store lighting in general, is shop zoning. The design of the store space includes a U-shaped presentation table, whose purpose was to draw visitors to the hottest new products.
In order to create a light accent on the table and draw attention to it, we have used SQUARE luminaires with a narrow beam angle, repeating the shape of the table.
So against the background of the overall dark design we got a kind of leading stage for the presentation.

To avoid crowding in one place, it was important to place accents on other products as well, evenly distributing people’s attention across the hall.

The next stopping point after choosing the technology was the checkout area, for the lighting of which the Vision Lighting team used 5,000 Kelvin Link linear luminaires.
As a result, every detail of the customer’s design was in a favorable light.

The project of flagship store on Khreshchatyk Street added to our portfolio of challenging but interesting works.
Collaboration with Samsung brand is pride of results and pleasure from the process.

Samsung — Lighting for an electronics store. 15 февраля, 2022. Vision Lighting Ukraine